We provide online managed account service only to corporate bodies, we specialize in managing clients capital in the Forex Market.

This is your account which you open directly with Forex broker. Our traders just have your permission to trade the money from your account – they only trade, they cannot withdraw a single cent or penny from this account. You deal directly with the Forex broker. This is very important in the world of HYIP scammers and cheaters who take your money and disappear. Allow us to trade your funds for you where we share the profits with you, in terms of profit sharing ratio we are open to negotiations

Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to take part in a UNIQUE managed account program that has hired the talents of the best FOREX traders in the world and combined them into one managed account to trade on your behalf.


  • Transparency.
  • You still have your account with you
  • 100% safety on your account
  • 24-hours access to check our transactions
Account Management

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The investor opens up a trading account at a reputable brokerage firm, usually one of the trader’s preference. The investor then funds their account. No one can touch the money in this account but the investor.

Is easy and most importantly, your managed account is held in YOUR name. Clients maintain sole access and control over their trading account and their investment funds and may withdraw capital at any time providing full transparency. The trade manager simply maintains “trade-only” access.

NOTE: We do not have access to make withdrawals from clients’ trading accounts, all trading funds are deposited with the broker directly by the client, and only the client can make withdrawals

⦁ Open account with our PARTNER broker
⦁ Minimum Deposit: $10,000 USD
⦁ Client maintains full ownership and control of individual trading account.
⦁ Trade Manager maintains “trade-only”access.
⦁ Account established with fully licensed & regulated brokerage firm.
⦁ Proven Track Record of Consistent Profitability
⦁ Minimum monthly profit 5% and maximum 20%
⦁ Account management service only for those who are Patience.
⦁ Leverage : Minimum 1:500 If Less then contact our Support.
⦁ Profit sharing 40% (our) and 60% (your)

Note: we only share profit we don’t share lose in case of drawdown and you want to withdraw funds, you take full responsibility of any liability but we promise to avoid any risk 99%


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